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" order to be a realist, you must believe in miracles."                                                                            David Ben-Gurion (1956)

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     for all ages


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unexpected twists and turns
Stories that Entertain
Give Rise to Thought...

Comedy Adventure:
                    "The Mind Reader"
Romantic Comedy:
                   "Fairytales Can Come True..."
              "The Proud and the Prejudiced"                         Anna Fischer - a true story 

          "Hidden Treasure"
                 "The Golem of Henderson"
Episode 1
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Romantic Comedy
             "Fairytales Can Come True..."
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If Time Stood Still...

 What the pros say:

"Fairytales Can Come True . . . is an ideal premise for a studio romantic comedy. The core of the story is outstanding, making deft use of everything from slapstick to subtle Shakespearean mistaken identity humor. Several comedy set-pieces play like gangbusters. Many of the characters pop off the page. There’s a sweetness at the base of the script that gives the piece a great deal of heart.”  
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