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A Lifetime of Creativity and Business

Throughout my various careers* I’ve had the good fortune of taking a unique concept, developing it into fact, and building it into a successful entity while being a forerunner in each particular field. For a successful movie, a good story well executed in an imaginative and interesting way also depends on the talents of and partnerships with others. However, a fresh story uniquely portrayed requires a visionary person to become involved. We are currently looking for those visionaries.

Marcia Friedman (Executive)
Orly Abrahamy


by Marcia Friedman

Author: "CUBA: The Special Period," "Life is..."

Journalist: Las Vegas Review-Journal, The Jewish Press 20-week series - "The Proud and the Prejudiced" plus numerous other articles 

Screenplay writer: NBC Daytime Television

*for her art, design careers & more:

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